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Yes, Pace Counseling & Consultation LLC is a participating provider with multiple insurance plans including Medicare, Highmark, UPMC, and others. You may also be able to use “out of network” benefits if you have a plan with which we are not currently contracted. Please see the Rates & Insurance page for details.

Please contact us for current rates for initial evaluation, therapy, consultation, and supervision. Sometimes insurance will cover a portion of the cost. Please see the Rates & Insurance page for details.

  • Credit cards (US-issued magstripe or chip cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)
  • Debit cards (processed like credit cards)
  • Health savings account (HSA) prepaid cards (processed like credit cards)
  • Cash
  • Clients can also elect to enroll in auto-pay through the client portal which ensures timely payments.
  • We do not accept PayPal or Venmo as payment for services.

Clinical social work is a healthcare profession and specialty practice area of social work. It focuses on prevention and treatment in health and mental health. Services often include assessment, counseling, advocacy, consultation, and prevention activities. Social workers who provide these services must be licensed in their state and have at least two years of post-master’s supervised experience in a direct setting of observation and treatment. It is a standard of practice for clinical social workers to participate in continuing education and to follow to a professional code of ethics established by the National Association of Social Workers.

Clinical social workers are known to be versatile in practice. This is because a variety of roles have contributed to skills developed in graduate school, clinical supervision, and beyond. The knowledge base of clinical social work includes theories of biology, psychology, and social development. Diversity, culture, and larger systems play into who we are as individuals. It also includes relationships, family and group dynamics, the impact of trauma, and the impact of the environment.

At Pace Counseling & Consultation LLC clinical social work practice looks like direct, face to face interaction to provide counseling, supervision to other social workers, community consultations, and a vision for a supported pace of life.